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The first Seeger-type bandage of Hungary was made of parts

On the 2016.04.02, the first Pete Seeger's long-necked folk band of László Leslie Gémesi, my friend and musician, devoted to Pete's personal invitation 30 years ago for the first time I met him and his wife Toshi in East Berlin. The Vega Ranger (now Vega Ranger) has now added a long-necked bandage to her memory of her memory and selfless teaching. The next day that my "White Ladie" band was completed with the presence of Leslie I was invited by phone from the USA and after the congratulation I was invited to visit Pete Seeger, Sloop Cleawater and joint music, Pete to get acquainted with their live friends and the costs of my new friends - Susan and Ferenc - have committed themselves. There were some of those friends and there were Pete Seeger. It is touching and honoring for me this invitation and this altruism as our common friend Pete and Toshi carry on the work of the man!





My long neck banjo in 2018.