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Pete Seeger Memorial Visit - Dinner Invitation to New York Beacon

The last day of the Pete Seeger memorial visit and the musical opportunity arrived. Pete's family of friends went to dinner where he needed to go to a musical instrument. As I learned, similar occasions were held regularly and they made up for the company. The Ferences gave room to such gatherings, where another family was. Once a month, she was in regular Sloop Clearwater community home. Before we went to the invitation we went to the community house and this was a great time to say goodbye to this building and make lots of photos of it. Susan was the key, so we could go into trouble.


Before we got this sort of thing, Ferenc was so kind and in the morning he took me to the dock where Pete had his ship renovated, which was in a very bad condition. With a heartbreak, I saw almost nothing left of the old planks and it would be a lot of money that would be collected by donation. This Pampkin Festival where I got the Woody Guthrie T-shirt from Ferit I received a gift from him, but reality was more terrible .























With a heartfelt heart, I said goodbye to the ship, that Pete had been sailing her ship for the future. From here Ferenc took to Woodstock what was known as a famous festival venue not only in folk music. It's a cozy town and we have lunch here. Finally, we got some postcards from the city, which caused me to ruin some of my mother, and another one.

After Woodstock we headed to New York, Beacon, where we met again at the Clearwater Community House and when we met Susanna, whose key to the building I took to the building, I could look at everything and take my time.









When I finally felt the last glance at the building with a sore heart I did not feel really good. On the way we took Lydia and after a short drive we arrived in Beacon for the family who welcomed us and did not come for dinner. Of course, there was no recording of that. The male head of the family showed some memories of what Pete Seeger left for him. Among them was the song Woody Guthrie LP I had at home and which was the beginning of love! Such a small world! We talked well then found the instruments as well. In an unbroken atmosphere there was no concert music playing all night. The company was split up ahead of time and we arrived late in Redding. I was happy to say goodbye to this evening about the music programs from which the Seeger House did not succeed. _____________________________________________________________________________