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Pete Seeger Memorial Visit - 20 - 21.10

The last day of this memorable memorial visit to the selfless, deeply human Pete Seeger came to the United States on 20 October 2016. It is difficult to put in words all that I mean to me and all this so that it has nothing to do with me. The fact that the first long-necked 5-string bandage of our country was made for the anniversary of 30 years that I met the then socialist East Berlin in Seeger with Pete's invitation and I put it on YouTube without any backlog, it is totally unrealistic for me until today. The whole story is fairy tale. At that time I did not know that the crown was finally added to the crown. At Skype on 19th, we consulted on my baggage baggage which cost $ 100 as described in the airline's description as a second package. At the end of the conversation, my brother left Ferenc asking me to pay the money and send the money to her account. In Ferenc , he took the money to the airport and sent it to me immediately. So we got to Kennedy smoothly. As during my entire stay, today was a great time, clouds gathered in New York, flushed across the airport. This was the result of having smoked a cigarette and forgot my coat in the back seat. Soon we were at the check-in where we asked the lady where the case could be packed and paid for the surcharge. He could not answer, but behind us there was a German employee looking for a boss who hurried to us. He asked a long way to say that this is a Seeger sleeve that you see? Because if Lufthasana had a service at the time, he had to deliver an extra package for free and called the porter whose soul was bound to take care of the body as well as the light of his eyes. I could hardly thank this unexpected gesture and it was too appeared! Ferenc was no longer able to give back the money who was shouting at Buda's brother address and asked me to take her next week. We said goodbye with no little surprise! There was a huge surprise at the end! Drive the plane, goodbye USA !

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