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Pete Seeger memorial visit ( 1 )

When I came home from East Berlin, I became aware that Pete Seeger did not have Wikipedia in Hungarian. This was outraged and I made a Hungarian-language Wikipedia. I thought that the photograph taken on the sound of Werner Seelenbinder Halle's sound was made by Peter and me. Given that Pete was alive, I had to fight for a long correspondence. You can view the Hungarian and English Wikipedia here.

Pete Seeger in Hungarian reads here. And here is in English text.

   By the next step I wanted to commemorate Pete, a Hungarian language 5-string banjo instructor. He helped me freely to learn how to play in his style, and I belonged to my country to do this as well. I'm putting the athletes on the sidelines. So I learned from Pete \ 's book and LP.


____________________________________________________________________________________ My old plan was to follow Pete Seeger's friend to me, too, to be a huge treasure from me, along with the Vega Folk Ranger, with a long neck. This is what I wanted to achieve in February 2016 to commemorate the great time spent in East Berlin for the 30th anniversary. Unfortunately, I could not buy a musical instrument from a modest pension. There was a childish carpenter who had undertaken to make the neck. When we started talking about metal components, it turned out that they could not make them. I had to choose another way.

I searched and found a long neck neck on a Pay Pal web site. The price was quite fair! I ordered it right away and paid the price. You just had to wait to arrive. I was very happy. On this path, the rest of the instrument could also be bought. Then came the big deal. It had to be made up of pieces of the instrument. I got to work great!

   The long neck Pete Seeger banjo neck arrived a few days before the indicated date. It was flawless. I was very happy!
















I bought the other parts in the same way and found a small part of the pot. This has greatly accelerated the compilation so I bought this one too.












My companion, my friend, Leslie McKlasky, made the compilation and did a great job.






Dear reader interested! By completing the Seeger's long-necked bandage myself, I thought that this menu item would not be expanded because I needed to "flip" the new instrument with the purchase of a hard case so as not to damage this great instrument and end Pete and the story of myself. I was very grateful for it because I felt that I was able to commemorate our 30th anniversary. But this is soon to be seen as something that is going on in the present! I keep doing the stories in chronological order so I can always keep up to date with the events. So it started on every 28th of May, 2016, at 5 pm: During the weekend after the long neck, I went to my friend Leslie to take the twelve stringed songs that I played, creating the opportunity to try it for a demanding show without actually presenting it if we received an invitation action. When it was done, my mobile phone rang, indicating an unknown phone number on the display. I picked it up. A strange man with a smart, pleasant voice came in and told him that he was calling from the USA and found Pete Seeger's webside, and that he congratulated all his readers, along with his dear wife, asking me to get an answer from me From Sloop Club, could I travel to the USA to see the places where Pete lived and get acquainted with her friends, playing music together on one of the programs? He is Hungarian himself, but his wife is American and does not speak Hungarian, but some words He wants to talk to me. This happened and came from one amazement to another. After a long, intimate conversation, we realized that after a week or two he would call again after talking to the Sloop organization and negotiating.

I did not have to wait a long time because it was a pleasure for me, Juhász Előd sent the availability of the German Music Broadcasting Program, which meant that I could put on my website the high quality of the recorded Werner Seelenbinder Halle. Thanks to Juhász Elődnek! Ferenc Bozsó did not delay! Our first phone conversation took place on May 28, 2016, and on June 9, the two dates had already come out. I found the October more fortunate for my date and I asked if I did not have Skype availability? Of course, we have been active since then and we have been on the live list since that day. I was storming the city for a passport the next day. I was waiting for your arrival. The visa application came on June 20 from U.S.A. Pete Seger is emleant Héten2016.06.08. 20:55 ferenc bozso «» sent a letter to me I pressed the key before I plugged the breasts, so now everything is back. Dear Kalaman, It was a big deal that we could talk about for weeks. As I mentioned, if you could find a place to visit and find out where Pete Seeger would be able to talk to Pete's friends. As I mentioned what we could cover the rewards of his repulse, and we could get around. for a week. There are times to go, one of them is Oktober 13-20, while Oktobe is 30 and No 7. The first date is the Sloop Club Pumpkin Festival, and the laundry coincides with a Sloop Club monthly splash. Try to find out which time would be more advanced or easier. Then, at the beginning of the week, I will say that I have found this dont about the time. You are asking me to know the best of you. The left wing is unlucky with my wife Susan (mogotte I'm not). The right-wing job is also in the corner (before Pete). We spent the week on Bob Dylan's 75th Birthday Day, where Susan enrolled a Bob Dylan song. The second part is a Pete Seeger song, the third one is a Weavers song in our home, and the fourth is the "Sinnerman" raade. You can find them on YouTube on the following links: With honest praise, Ferenc and Susan

___________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________


__________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________


______________________________________________________________________________  Letter of invitation to US Embassy Budapest hungary Tegnap 19:09 ferenc bozso«» levelet küldöttNekem Dear Kalman, We are sending you a copy of our letter to the US Embassy in Budapest in support of your visa application. The original letter has been mailed to you this morning. I was told at the Post Office that it will be delivered to you in about a week. We hope everything will go quickly, so that we can finalize your trip. As to your question concerning SKYPE, my user name is fmbozso . You can call me today or tomorrow, or the end of next week, because Fiday morning we will fly to California for a wek. Wishing you all the best, Ferenc & Susan

My new enrichment filled me with great happiness and, of course, on Friday I was storming the document office now called a government window. It took photographs and took the fingerprint. The passport will arrive at my address within two weeks. Today, I received the email from the Ferences for the visa that I copied here on 2016.06.06: Letter of invitation to the US Embassy Budapest hungary Yesterday 19:09 ferenc bozso «» sent a letter to me Dear Kalman, We are sending you a copy of our letter to the US Embassy in Budapest in support of your visa application. The original letter has been mailed to you this morning. I was told at the Post Office that it will be delivered to you in about a week. We hope everything will go fast so that we can finalize your trip. As for your question about SKYPE, my user name is fmbozso. You can call me today or tomorrow, or the end of next week, because Fiday morning we will fly to California for a wek. Wishing you all the best, Ferenc & Susan

Susan and Ferenc Bozso 31 Picketts Ridge Road Redding, CT 06877 USA Home: June 15, 2016 Embassy of the United States Amerikai Egyesült Államok Nagykövetsége Szabadság tér 12 1054 Budapest, Hungary To Whom It May Concern: We, Susan and Ferenc Bozso, are U.S. citizens who reside in Redding, CT USA. The purpose of this letter is to provide a formal invitation and recommendation, together with information for a planned visit to the United States for the purpose of tourism and culture, on behalf of our friend and Hungarian citizen: Tóth Kálmán Mátészalka u.16. 1163 Budapest, Hungary Mr. Tóth is a Hungarian musician who has had a life-long devotion to American folk music and to the legendary folk musician, Pete Seeger. For more than 30 years, Mr. Tóth has worked to popularize and teach American folk music in Hungary. The late Pete Seeger was a personal friend of ours, and when we learned that Mr. Tóth had a long correspondence and friendship with him, we decided that his efforts should be rewarded with a visit to the U.S. to pay homage to Pete Seeger, to see where he lived and worked, and to sing and play music with Pete Seeger’s surviving friends. Mr. Tóth will be staying with us at our home (31 Picketts Ridge Road, Redding CT 06896 USA) for approximately 1-2 weeks. During his stay, we will bear all responsibilities including, but not limited to, Mr. Tóth’s finances concerning travel to and from the United States, travel to and from the destinations we will visit in the New England and Hudson Valley areas, meals, and housing. We will also ensure Mr. Tóth’s departure prior to the expiration of his authorized stay, and that Mr. Tóth does not become a pubic charge on behalf of the United States government. We respectfully request that a visitor’s visa be issued for Mr. Kálmán Tóth, with our sincere appreciation. Gratefully, Susan Bozso Ferenc Bozso

sent a letter to me Dear Kalman, The American Council recommends that besides the visa waiver, even if it is the Internet below it is said that "All eligible international travelers who wish to travel to the United States under the Visa Waiver Program must apply for authorization" For this, enter this information in the "Electronic System for Travel Authorization" tab The following data must be submitted: What You Need: Valid passport from a Visa Waiver Program country. Valid credit card (MasterCard, VISA, American Express, and Discover (JCB, Diners Club)) or PayPal to pay US $ 14 per application. Your contact information. Your most recent employment information, if applicable. If you can not afford to pay for a credit card, tell me how I can pay $ 14 I will buy the reputable ticket at a glance, and it will be possible for me to have your mail and your exact name in the mail. Tell me if there is any problem. Udvozlettel --- Ferenc

Ferenc was so kind and bought my flying ticket to read it: Departure on October 11th at 7am from Budapest with Austria Airlines Fokker 70, flight time 45 minutes flight number OS718, tourist class; Arrival to Vienna at 7:45, here you have to wait 3 hours and you will have to go to America, departure from Vienna to New York by local time at 10:45 with Austria Airlines' Boeing 767 aircraft, flight time 9 hours 30 minutes flight number OS087, tourist class; Arriving in New York at 14 o'clock 15 o'clock there, Return trip, departing from New York on Oct. 20 at 17:00 o'clock at 55 o'clock, with a flight time of 8 hours, flight number LH1411, arriving in Munich at 7 o'clock 55 o'clock (21am), waiting here for joining 3 hour 45 minutes, Departure to Budapest at 11 am 40 with Lufthansa A321, flight time 1 hour 10 minutes, arrival to Budapest on 21 at 12:30 local time. The free-of-charge package is 22 kg and can be loaded with hand luggage plus 8 kg. The old, normal paper is virtually eliminated, the electrical ticket can be printed, but it is not necessary because the check-in (check-in) counter on your passport, checking your ticket and printing the embarkation card. Online can also be checked, but the packet must always be queued. So, in fact, you have your ticket and you just have to fill in the ESTA questionnaire.

A mai napon megkaptam a vízumomat az USA-ba. Department of Homeland Security hivatalos weboldala Department of Homeland Security hivatalos weboldala U.S. Customs and Border Protection, U.S. Department of Homeland Security hivatalos bélyegzője ESTA - Elektronikus utazásengedélyezési rendszer | U.S. Department of Homeland Security ENGEDÉLY MEGADVA Utazási engedélyét megadták, és Ön jogosult a Visa Waiver Program keretében az Egyesült Államokba utazni. Az utazás jóváhagyása nem jelent biztosítékot arra nézve, hogy beléphet az Egyesült Államokba; erről megérkezéskor a belépési helyen a Customs and Border Protection (CBP) tisztje dönt. Ha szükséges, a jóváhagyott kérelmen frissítheti a következő adatokat: cím az Egyesült Államokban, e-mail cím. Az utazási engedély eléréséhez meg kell adnia a kérelemszámát, útlevélszámát és születési idejét. Ha bármilyen más adatot meg kell változtatnia a nyomtatványon, akkor új utazási engedélyért kell folyamodnia. FIZETÉSI BIZONYLAT A lent felsorolt kérelmek kifizetése sikeresen megtörtént. A kérelem automatikus elutasításával jár, ha a kártyatulajdonos a banktól vagy PayPal-től a díj visszatérítését kéri. Kérjük, nyomtassa ki ezt az oldalt személyes nyilvántartása számára. Név Születési idő Kérelemszám Útlevélszám Státusz Lejár KALMAN TOTH 1954.09.30. RXRXRW91R1Q222FC BH5016382 Engedély megadva 2018.07.06. Miután értesítettem kedves meghívómat a vízumról a következő választ kaptam: Re: Vízum Héten2016.07.06. 23:22 ferenc bozso«» levelet küldöttNekem Gratulalok! Pete takes good care of you from HEAVEN! Ferenc

____________________________________________________________ Arrived on 2016.10.11. the flight day. It's unbelievable that there are such pure-hearted people in this world today! This is the Bozsó couple Susan and Ferenc and many similar people they are in friendship with Pete and Toshi Seeger's friends in their lives and forever they will remain forever. As the example demonstrates, they carry the inheritance. Unfortunately, hosting does not allow for the unspeakable harmony and unity, as well as the presentation of great and uplifting events, so I can only ask the most important ones here. I hope that I can show something to the esteemed reader as well. After thirty years I was able to fly again with the touch of Vienna to New York for the reason I got together with a long-necked Pete Seeger type of bandage commemorating this great man.


__________________________________________________________________________ The take-off was perfectly successful. The Vienna landing and the transfer to New York were no worries either. Now a long way over the ocean. ______________________________________________________________________________





I've borrowed the video here from YouTube to see Fokker 70 as a reminder that I arrived in Vienna with such a machine.




___________________________________________________________________________ The machine here, of course, is not the plane I traveled with. Because of the type I saved here. We had a pleasant journey and the customs officer was a nice man. Ferenc was waiting for me and we met easily. The encounter was great. Then we left New York Kened and headed to Connecticat, Reeding. ___________________________________________________________________________________



I arrived in New York without a problem after a pleasant flight in Vienna. The customs officers were very kind to all the other rumors. The package was in my hands and I met with my new friend Ferenc Bozsó and left behind a cig Kennedy Airport we ran into the neighboring state of Redneck in Cannectic. We have gone through beautiful landscapes after the motorways. Paradise is the whole area, wood, mountains, tranquility and peace.It is a great place to have the house of Bozsó's homeless, almost indescribable place where I came. After our arrival they showed me my room and my bathroom and all the majestic ones. They were playing at the bottom of the pines, and the birds were fed and the unmarried one walked across the forest. All my ideas surpassed all I had experienced. He was very kind and beautyfull !

______________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________









Personal encounter in East Berlin


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