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Pete Seeger memorial visit - The American Center Folk Music

The afternoon of the Pampkin Festival was closed by a nearby music event. Two orchestras entertained the audience, according to Ferenc, about 500 spectators. I met great performers in the performers. I did not know I was going to have another surprise.








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There was some stage arrangement and an unexpected thing happened! Unfortunately, neither Ferenc nor I knew anything about what happened and neither of us fixed the unexpected event. David Bernz entered the stage and gave the crowd an exhausting performance of Pete Seeger and my relationship to my long-necked bandage! At the end of the story I said that I'm here among the spectators here in Hungary. I did not believe in my ear. When he was finished, the crowd was greeted by a crowd since David had published my presence. I was a scene scout like we used to see in American films. What was the most surprising thing was that I was not applauding applause, but heartfelt! I had to stand up and bow down, thanking me for the sincerity. Sincerity was the only proof that the program of the second band slowly became dark and who had to go and be near to reach, walking through the legs, and catching my hand and shaking my hand, said goodbye! I've been a great success for my life !!! Pete and our friendship had such an effect on his fans. It was scary! I could not pick up yet!











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After Susan's accounting was done in cars, we went to the Towne Crier, where the more persistent ones were infiltrated. The result was the spontaneous music combination that was accompanied by a dinner. For this purpose, he had put my instrument into a handsome Deering goodtime instrument for a while. It was a pleasant surprise. I've seen this on YouTube and I was a little annoyed at it because of its decoration, it was not my favorite. In his catch and other aspects, he was pleasantly surprised, and I was good at playing it. This was the third foreign instrument I had in the US.

Music and dinner went down in the cafe, so not where the performances are going to happen. Some of the shots included were a bit dark and I did not make one for the lighting conditions. Due to the tiredness, the musicians got out of bed after midnight and we went to Redding for the last couple.






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